A downloadable game

You have to enable flash in order to play the game. (If you do it wrong and it won't work, you can also click this link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/190512174/)

Click the green flag twice!


  • arrow op
  • arrow down
  • arrow right
  • arrow left
  • spacebar to shoot


for more games go to our website: http://visualgames.jouwweb.nl/

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Release date Jan 01, 2018
Tags2D, alpha, cancer, demo, free, itchio

Development log


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This is looking good! How do you shoot? Can't wait to play more. :)

Spacebar to shoot

Sweet! Thanks! :)

Deleted post

thanks for your feedback. Really appreciated

Deleted post

Version 0.6 is out now!

Hey there bud, you sure, that you actually published  a game?

This is just a demo version full version will come out on the 1th of January. It will be free.

May the best game win!

are you dutch?

Jij ook?


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