A downloadable game for Windows


Pizza is just a simple clicker game I made.

I am very young in the game-industry so don't judge me.

I am still learning.

Controls (are also displayed in the game:

  • Get 1 pizza with spacebar
  • save with S
  • load with L

Thanks for downloading and playing!

Install instructions

Just click on download and then unpack the zip file.

When downloaded click on: Pizza - Gc jam2 or something like that.

I didn't joined this jam because I was to late.

I forgot to change the name.


Pizza! 2 MB


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First of all, congrats on publishing code into the wild! It's terrifying, I know. I'm old to programming, but new to publishing games on my own, and felt the same way publishing my first jam entry. Note: it was this same jam!

I tested your functionality, and saving/loading seemed to work in every edge case I could think of.

A heads up: your store page entry says it supports Win, OSX, and Linux when in actuality it only supports Windows. This is super easy to change. Just click "edit game" in your dashboard, then uncheck the boxes on the game download.

Congrats again! Keep having fun and publishing!

Thanks for the tips I will change it right now!